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The Canndora Puff Pipe: Cannabis Consumption for Queens

At Canndora, we look for accessories that will get you in the perfect headspace for cannabis, no matter where you are. We love pretty things (see our Canndora necklace from the Editor's box) and seek out products that will ensure an amazing experience. A simple cannabis smoking solution to complement our other two products of beauty and function: The Canndora Puff Pipe.

One puff wonder

This gorgeous purple and white quartz wand is a one-puff wonder, the perfect way to wave in spring, bring inspiration and prepare you for a perfectly elevated cannabis experience.

If you’re lucky enough to have the Canndora Spring Box, you’ll also have the Green Goddess Herb Grinder to get the perfect consistency of cannabis. You don’t want your cannabis too finely ground-- powdery product in your pipe will clog it quickly, and it’s too beautiful for that!

The Canndora Puff Pipe comes with screens, which will not only keep your pipe clean but help facilitate better airflow. We found that if you pack your herb lightly at the bottom and slightly denser at the top, it pulls perfectly. A simple, smooth, and beautiful solution for when you just want a puff or two.

Create or meditate

With spring comes change, which generally requires either meditation or creativity. The Canndora Puff Pipe is bound to inspire both. The lovely hues of the Canndora Puff Pipe reflect a rich, spiritual history in the form of the purple and white quartz, better known as amethyst. Amethyst is a special semi-precious stone that is found around the world, from Uruguay to Canada -- which we thought was pretty appropriate, considering cannabis!

In ancient Egypt, the amethyst was well known as healing while the Greeks and Romans respected it as a stone of beauty and power. The name comes from the Greek expression, ‘a-methy-os,’ which translates to ‘one who does not get drunk,’ -- well, now it certainly will get you high! Later, it was incorporated in Catholicism as the ‘Bishop’s Ring,’ and to the Hebrews, it’s known as the twelfth foundation stone. To those that do crystal work, it’s healing and helps bring calm.

The pale to deep purple reminds us of royalty, of winter’s past, of spring flowers, and of the balance between passion and serenity: a tinge of pink for creativity, an edge of violet for intuition, and a touch of indigo wisdom to help bring in the breath of fresh air you need.

Wave spring in

We picked this beautiful piece because of what it is: an amethyst wand, the perfect way to wave spring in.

A centrepiece with a use that can be discreetly hidden, it’s the perfect tool to gear up for spring cleaning and a fresh start as growing season begins. Make this pipe a part of your ritual to relax or to create; it’s the perfect way to elevate your cannabis consumption to a higher level. And don’t forget, if you get the full Canndora Spring Box, you can finish off with a Post-Sesh Scent and truly wave in the scent of spring.

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